About us


We are a modern  Italian winery that, with its founders, has strong roots in the Italian wine culture.
Our wines come only from grapes of our possessions or selected associates exclusively on Italian territory. The strict quality controls they are subjected to our wines during all processing stages provide high level results.
We aim to bring to the attention of a growing number of admirers in the world one of the main Italian products: WINE.
Italy since the times of the ancient Romans produced different varieties of so-called "Nectar of the Gods", after more than two thousand years the difference can be described in three variables: quality, quantity and variety.
Then as now proud Italian Winemakers, without any distinction of latitude, we offer excellent products and we, Cantine Italia, want to increase the number of fans in the world, with our brands, the culture of Italian wine and the incredible variety of wine products that the whole world envies us.


Where to buy:

our products are available in many countries (Italy, Germany, Poland, England, Spain, China, USA), you can buy them from wine shops, supermarket, restaurants or online through our website, Amazon or Ebay.


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