Sansemio, Casa Ducale and Feudi Regina identify our wines families with different product features.

Sansemio represents the range of wines with high market impact.

Casa Ducale identifies important wines from areas with great traditions and that are rich in history and culture.

Feudi Regina is our top of the range. Carefully selected wines, with unmistakable bouquet, subject to strict disciplinary rules to guarantee the quality and value for customers.


  • Sansemio represents the range of our high market impact wines. Only wines of high quality, IGT, DOC, characterized by unmistakable flavour and colour, not expensive in terms of purchase,  but always with a guaranteed result. Perfect wines to drink at lunches or dinners, with family or friends, at home or outside, but also highly appreciated as gifts. Are presented in elegant bottles with a refined design labels.



  • Casa Ducale is our brand that identifies important wines, coming from the great Italian winemaking traditions and rich in history and culture. Casa Ducale branded wines are just the best IGT and DOC, full-bodied and with adequate alcohol contents. Wines that give emotions, but always in an accessible way, represent the right wine for a business lunch, a wedding, a ceremony or a gallant dinner.


  • Feudi Regina is our top of the range. Carefully selected wines with unmistakable bouquet and a great grape variety, subject to strict and controlled production rules and often concourses winners. Wines for connoisseurs or for customers from the refined palate that desire indulge with themselves.  Represent the classy gift for important people, for connoisseurs or for collectors. The right compendium in gala dinners or to celebrate important events or just to reward ourselves. Wines branded Feudi Regina testify good taste and class and they only identify important DOC or DOCG of the best vintages.






Cantine Italia exclusively produces and bottles Italian wines from selected Italian grapes, rigorously checked during all processing stages to ensure high level results.

We operate through a network of distributors, partners and agents to offer Italian wine culture and the incredible variety of winemaking products, that are heritage of our territory.




"Man is wise only when he drinks well: those who don't know how to drink, don't know anything"